Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting serious about it

Just changed the sub-title of my blog:
'How technology can change your life'
It's very broad, but a good description of what drives me.
I'm fascinated by how things like radio, plastic, aircrafts, telephony, television, mobile telephony, and maybe most of all: Internet have changed our lives.
And continue to do so.
At an increasing speed (You don't have to read Ray Kurzweil's books to see that).
My posts to follow will be about news and developments of which I believe will have an impact on how we live.
How will it make life easier, cheaper or more fun?
What should you use and why?
(For the people who don't know me: I'm an optimist :-)
Topics that are currently on my mind:
- Google: automating everything from mail to pictures to blogs to infoporn
- the apparent breakdown of Digital Rights Management, at least for music
- mobile solutions, what should you want to squeeze in your cell-phone?
- home entertainment: my personal struggle to build the ultimate Home Theater multimedia experience.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

even een posting per mail

Vandaag komt Harry.
Ik zal hem laten zien wat er allemaal mogelijk is met websites en blogs.