Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Interessant verhaal over Orb-achtigen

Helemaal mee eens, vooral de eerste alinea:

James Behrens: [Mr. Behrens is CEO of Orb Networks.] It's still early, but at Orb we believe that people will pay a fee for mobile access. That fee will probably be subsumed inside users' unlimited data fee. That's what it's looking like with two of the largest mobile carriers that we're working with. That's how they intend to roll it out. They're going to offer a remote-access service to enter your media, and they're going to charge for it, just like they would unlimited data. And they have 3G networks. They've got to monetize, and unless you give them media that they want to see, they're not going to be able to monetize those networks.

Premium content is also going to be significant—and that area is just a melee right now. What are people going to pay for downloads of music, videos, and network television shows? Are there going to be subscriptions? All of these questions play into what everybody on this panel is doing, and there's going to be something in there for us as well as the network operators.

We also have a model that's very similar to Google and Yahoo, in that we have people looking at screens, playing their music, looking at their photos, viewing their home videos, watching television (live and recorded)—and each time someone does any of those things on any device, we have an opportunity to present them with information that's very specific to what they watch and listen to.

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